Joe Rogan strips and shows off crazy physique – Breaks the internet!

✅ Strips down - The internet goes crazy ✅ Has admitted to taking PEDs

While it’s usually a fighters physique that will cause a stir in the MMA community, UFC commentator Joe Rogan has now become the one to make memes out of.

52 year old Rogan has working for the UFC since the late 90’s and has become one of the most recognised personalities in the promotion. His knowledgeable and witty commentary has made him incredibly popular amongst MMA fans over the years. Rogan is also a workout and training enthusiast who is constantly taking his exercise to new levels. He has also openly admitted to taking Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT) as well as growth hormones.

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In a recent episode of his podcast The Joe Rogan Experience, Rogan recapped his weight since enduring sober October. When he stripped down, many fans lost their minds as Rogan appeared to have an unnaturally strong physique for a 52 year old – as well as a peculiar shape around his stomache. Many have pointed to growth hormones as the culprit to the strange stomache, though that is only just speculation.

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As the internet caught wind of it, a slew of memes were made.

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