Usyk Shines Against Tyson Fury – Makes History in Saudi Arabia!

✔ Delivered a Tough Fight Against "The Gypsy King"

Round-by-Round Recap of a Historic Bout

The highly anticipated heavyweight clash between Tyson Fury and Oleksandr Usyk lived up to the hype as the fighters battled through twelve intense rounds of action.

Round 1: From the outset, “The Gypsy King” used his significant reach advantage to pepper Usyk with punches from a safe distance. Usyk appeared to be the quicker fighter, but the size difference posed a challenge for him.

Round 2: Usyk’s agile footwork in the second round allowed him to close the distance and land his shots. Both fighters patiently waited for openings in their opponent’s guard. Usyk pressed forward and landed more punches in the second round. Toward the end, Fury landed several good combinations and showcased sharp defense.

Round 3: The pace increased for both fighters in the third round. Usyk seemed to have found his rhythm, dancing in and out to land his combinations. Fury tried to keep Usyk at bay with his jab but often found himself with his back against the ropes.

Round 4: Fury started the round strong, putting Usyk on the back foot. A few punches midway through the round seemed to shake Usyk, boosting Fury’s confidence. He taunted Usyk several times and looked comfortable in the fourth round.

Round 5: Usyk pressed forward, landing several good body combinations. Fury responded with his own body shots, which appeared to have a significant impact on the Ukrainian. The body shots made Usyk hesitant, opening him up for head shots.

Round 6: Usyk appeared to slow down in the sixth round, likely due to the numerous body shots. Fury landed several heavy punches halfway through the round, shaking Usyk and pressing forward. Usyk tried to regain Fury’s respect but remained too passive.

Round 7: The momentum was on Fury’s side in the seventh round. Fury began to take over, unleashing combinations. Usyk looked exhausted and barely landed any significant strikes. Fury landed a heavy uppercut, the best punch of the round. Towards the end, Usyk landed a good combination just before the bell.

Round 8: After several tough rounds for the Ukrainian, he started the eighth round aggressively. Usyk took more risks, which paid off. With Fury on the back foot, Usyk pressed forward more, using his footwork to get closer. A much better round for “The Cat,” with Usyk landing a heavy left that got a reaction from Fury.

Round 9: Usyk continued to press forward in the next round and had success. Fury responded with body shots while using his jab to keep Usyk at a distance. Later in the ninth round, Usyk landed a heavy punch that shook Fury. Sensing a finish, Usyk went on the attack with a flurry of punches, seriously hurting Fury. Fury could barely stand and was nearly down before the referee separated them.


Round 10: Fury didn’t appear fully recovered in the next round, while Usyk started aggressively. Both heavyweights were exhausted in the tenth round, with activity levels dropping at times. A close round.

Round 11: Usyk seemed the fresher fighter. He marched forward, forcing Fury to back up. “The Gypsy King’s” confidence seemed to have waned, and he didn’t offer much volume in the eleventh round. Usyk landed a good left towards the end of the round.

Round 12: Both fighters had their moments in the twelfth round. Fury appeared to have recovered, and his footwork looked much better. However, it was a close round, and Usyk remained slightly more active.

After twelve hard-fought rounds, it was the judges’ scorecards that decided the bout. Two judges scored it for Usyk, with scores of 115-112 and 114-113, while the third judge had it 114-113 for Fury. Usyk made history as the first undisputed heavyweight champion in modern history!

Main Card

The main event is expected to start around 10 PM BST on Saturday, May 18 – Broadcast on DAZN (PPV)

  • Heavyweight Title Fight (WBA, WBC, IBF, and WBO): Tyson Fury vs. Oleksandr Usyk
  • Vacant Cruiserweight Title Fight (IBF): Jai Opetaia defeats Mairis Briedis via unanimous decision (117-111, 116-112, 116-112)
  • Super Featherweight Title Fight (IBF, IBO): Anthony Cacace defeats Joe Cordina (c) via KO – Round 8, 0:39
  • Heavyweight: Agit Kabayel defeats Frank Sanchez via KO – Round 7, 2:33
  • Heavyweight: Moses Itauma defeats Ilja Mezencev via TKO – Round 2, 0:50
  • Lightweight: Mark Chamberlain defeats Joshua Oluwaseum Wahab via KO – Round 1, 2:42
  • Cruiserweight: Robin Sirwan Safar defeats Sergey Kovalev via unanimous decision (97-92, 99-90, 95-94)
  • Cruiserweight: David Nyika defeats Michael Seitz via TKO – Round 4, 2:45

Preliminary Card

Start at 5 PM BST on Saturday, May 18 – Broadcast on DAZN

  • Light Heavyweight: Daniel Lapin defeats Octavio Pudivitr via KO – Round 1, 1:47
  • Featherweight: Isaac Lowe defeats Hasibullah Ahmadi via unanimous decision (97-92, 97-92, 97-92)

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