Sean O’Malley Calls Ryan Garcia on FaceTime: Instant Fireworks!

"I could actually kill you" - O'Malley to Garcia

Rising Tensions in Combat Sports

“Suga” Sean O’Malley, the reigning UFC bantamweight champion, and Ryan Garcia, a celebrated boxer who recently defeated the undefeated superstar Devin Haney, have been exchanging barbs over social media for some time. Despite UFC President Dana White’s critical views on UFC fighters crossing over into boxing, this hasn’t deterred O’Malley from engaging with Garcia.

Garcia has even suggested he could beat O’Malley outside the boxing ring, teasing the possibility of an MMA clash. O’Malley retorted that while Garcia would stand no chance in an MMA bout, he believes he could outbox Garcia in his own domain.

Heated Exchange During Live Stream

Sean O’Malley is not only known for his prowess in the octagon but also as an avid gamer who frequently streams his gameplay on Twitch. During a recent live stream, O’Malley decided to dial Garcia via FaceTime, leading to an immediate and heated exchange. Here’s how some of the conversation went:

“Ryan, man! Congrats on beating Devin Haney, I won’t lie, though, I feel like I could take Devin too, what do you think?”

Garcia, unyielding, responded sharply:

“You’re all talk, it’s just talk, it’s not real. In reality, I would kill you, and that should make you feel like a coward.”

O’Malley countered with a bold claim:

“Be honest, in reality, I could literally kill you in a few minutes – I could actually kill you.”


Boxing or MMA?

While much of Garcia’s shouted replies during the call were indistinct, the boxing star repeatedly brought up the idea of facing off in the octagon rather than the ring, which O’Malley dismissed as nonsense.

“A boxing match is actually competitive, a real fight isn’t competitive, not even close,” said O’Malley.

A Potential Superfight?

A potential matchup between these two stars could attract massive attention, no matter the combat discipline, further elevating their public profiles, much like predecessors Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather.

This fiery dialogue between two of combat sports’ most exciting personalities is setting the stage for a potentially explosive confrontation, be it in the boxing ring or the MMA cage. Whether this matchup will materialize remains to be seen, but the war of words is certainly laying the groundwork for a blockbuster event.

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