Joe Rogan Wants Changes to MMA Rules

"Fight should be a fight"

Rogan Suggests Changes

Joe Rogan is calling for changes to the current MMA rules. The UFC commentator and podcast host believes that the existing rules unfairly favor strikers over grapplers, leading to a disadvantage for fighters who rely on wrestling and jiu-jitsu techniques.

Challenges for Grapplers

Rogan argues that grapplers are often at a disadvantage due to the time limits in rounds, which can cause them to lose their advantageous positions. MMA fights typically consist of either three rounds of five minutes each or five rounds of five minutes each. These time constraints can hinder grapplers from fully utilizing their skills.

– The rules are much more set up for strikers than for wrestlers, Rogan said to Royce Gracie on his podcast “Joe Rogan Experience”. – Say you’re a jiu-jitsu guy fighting in the first round, and rounds are five minutes long, and you take the guy down at four minutes and 30 seconds. You only have 30 seconds to work. Even if we have rounds, the fight is still a fight.

Maintaining Ground Positions

According to Rogan, fighters shouldn’t have to stand up again once they’ve successfully taken their opponent to the ground.

– I don’t think anyone should be able to stand up. I don’t think you should stand people up – ever. I think once a guy takes you down, the fight is on the ground. If it’s boring for the audience, tough sht. If you’re on the bottom, get up. And if you can’t get up, tough sht. And if the round ends and a new round begins, I think they should start you back in the same place.


Fairness in Advantage

Rogan believes that if a fighter ends a round in top control on the ground, they should start the next round in the same position. Allowing fighters to start standing again provides an undeserved advantage to those who were taken down.

– It gives a distinct advantage if you let a person stand up who didn’t earn it, added Rogan. – If you take me down with four minutes and 30 seconds to go and you’re dominating me, and you’re closing in on me, and you’re about to tap me, but then the round ends, and then we start the next round standing – I didn’t earn that standup. I just got it because of the time.

A Continuous Fight

Rogan concluded by explaining his perspective on how a fight should be structured.

– I feel like a fight should be a fight. If a fight is five rounds, that’s a 25-minute fight, and I think whatever position you’re in at the end of the first round, you should begin in the same position in the second round. That’s what I think.


Joe Rogan believes that the current rules favor certain fighters over others and is advocating for changes to ensure fairness between different fighting styles. His suggestions have sparked discussion within the MMA community, and it remains to be seen if any rule changes will be implemented in the future.

What do you think of Joe Rogan’s proposal to change MMA rules? Do you believe it would make the sport fairer? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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