Joe Rogan praises Nate Diaz success in the UFC: “A f***ing star!”

UFC commentator Joe Rogan has high praise: "...happy that the UFC is finally recognizing the love and support [Diaz] has from the fans,”

Nate Diaz triumphant return at UFC 241 reignited the flames of passion for many fans. While always a fan favourite, his absence from MMA was definitely felt, and his stardom began fading. Now, however, he’s perhaps more relevant than ever, with a mainstream appeal his brand hasn’t seen yet. One of those singing his praises is UFC commentator Joe Rogan, who is delighted that the UFC have realised what a star Diaz truly is.


“I’m just happy that the UFC is finally recognizing the love and support [Diaz] has from the fans,” Rogan said on his podcast, to guest Andre Ward. “For whatever reason, they were so high on Conor McGregor and these other people that they didn’t see [it]. One of the reasons that the Conor fight was so big was because of Nate Diaz. Nate Diaz is a fucking star. When they put is face on the screen for the Pettis fight, the arena erupted. It was chaos. They went nuts.”

Rogan was on site at UFC 241, which saw Diaz first fight in the UFC for cirka three years. He delivered one of his career’s best performances against former UFC champion and betting favourite Anthony Pettis. Before that Diaz lost a close decision to rival Conor McGregor in a rematch from their previous bout, which Diaz won via second round submission.

While not officially booked, Diaz is expected to face Jorge Masvidal next as both fighters have expressed interest in a fight. That potential bout pits two fan favourites against each other in what is a clear-cut “Fight of the Year” candidate.

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