UFC Legends Predict Fury vs. Usyk

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UFC Legends Weigh In on Fury vs. Usyk Clash

The highly anticipated boxing match this weekend between the two undefeated heavyweight kings, Tyson Fury and Oleksandr Usyk, has clearly split the combat sports world. This includes two legendary UFC fighters who certainly know a thing or two about performing on the biggest stages.

Michael Bisping’s Prediction

First to offer a prediction was former middleweight champion Michael Bisping. The iconic Briton chose to go against his countryman and favorite, Tyson Fury, despite Usyk being smaller and less experienced.

Michael Bisping shared his thoughts on his YouTube channel:

– Naturally, Fury’s reach is going to be a problem and Tyson is quick, he moves his head well, and there’s a reason he’s undefeated. All respect to Tyson Fury, I just believe Usyk will succeed.

– Usyk is used to fighting bigger guys, this is nothing new for him, I think he’s the faster guy with better footwork and better technique.

In a separate analysis video, Bisping delved deeper into how Usyk could gain the upper hand over “The Gypsy King” in Riyadh this weekend. The UFC veteran argued once again that the Ukrainian can win the match with his superior movement:

– It’s the footwork, it’s the speed, it’s the angles, it’s the inside pressure and then the discipline to stay outside when he’s not. It’s also the fighting spirit, the heart, the people in Ukraine who must inspire him so he will go into the ring and feel the pressure, because pressure creates diamonds.


Alexander Volkanovski Picks the Favorite

Meanwhile, former UFC featherweight champion Alexander Volkanovski offered a remarkably similar analysis of the upcoming boxing match, despite sharing his prediction video from a different part of the world.

– Usyk is very unorthodox, he has his unique style and he is smaller, but he uses that so well against these bigger guys and his footwork is very, very slick.

– I remember Tyson talking about one of his toughest fights was against a smaller guy, and he said he had big problems with him, so that’s a factor, but he’s now aware of that tricky style.

Despite touching on many of the same ideas as Bisping, Volkanovski ultimately predicted that Usyk’s footwork would not be enough to compensate for the size advantage that the British giant holds. He predicted that Fury would leave the Ring of Fire as the winner.

– It’s a tricky fight because they’re both great fighters, but I’m going to go with the size here and Tyson Fury… I love watching Usyk fight, but I think with the size difference, Tyson will win.

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