Lerone Murphy Dominates Edson Barboza at UFC Vegas 92

"Murphy aims for the championship."

Impressive Win for Murphy

Lerone Murphy showcased his prowess in the featherweight division by dominating Edson Barboza in the main event of UFC Vegas 92. Despite the fight going all five rounds, Murphy maintained control throughout, demonstrating superior technique and conditioning.

Too Much for Barboza to Handle

The bout began with both fighters exchanging feints before they engaged in hard leg kicks and straight punches. A low kick from Barboza briefly paused the fight, but when it resumed, the strikes flew more frequently with Barboza controlling the center of the cage. The first round concluded with a significant moment for Barboza, who landed a clean upkick just before the horn.

Strategic Battle

Murphy recovered during the break and returned to exchange strikes with Barboza. After receiving a couple of hard leg kicks, Murphy switched tactics and attempted a clean takedown entry, but Barboza kept the fight standing. Murphy immediately increased his offensive pressure with hard punches, putting Barboza on wobbly legs as he circled outside.

In a desperate attempt to shift the momentum, Barboza slipped while attempting a spinning attack, giving Murphy an opportunity to take standing back control until the round ended.


Continued Dominance

Barboza started the third round by controlling the center of the cage and landed a significant body kick. Murphy quickly turned the tide, responding with heavy forward pressure. With about 90 seconds remaining in the third round, Murphy had Barboza on wobbly legs again, sensing a finish, although it did not come.

In the fourth round, Murphy continued to land strikes on Barboza seemingly at will. Despite this, Barboza managed to sneak in a couple of powerful kicks.

Murphy’s relentless pace and precision left Barboza with little room to mount an effective offense. Murphy remained undefeated and secured a unanimous decision victory (49-46, 50-45, 50-45).

A Bright Future

Murphy ended the fight strong, ensuring his dominant performance lasted until the final horn. He landed 182 significant strikes on Barboza. This was Murphy’s first fight in 2024 and a commanding display against one of the division’s most dangerous strikers. With this victory, Murphy now shares the second-longest active winning streak in the featherweight division with champion Ilia Topuria.

In his post-fight interview with Paul Felder, Murphy called out anyone in the top 10 and delivered a clear message about his future in the division:

– I’m going to change my name back to “The Iceman” because there’s nothing miraculous about this. I’m meant to be here. Destiny. I’m meant to be here, and I’m going to be champion. Simple.

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