Nate Diaz LIGHTS UP at UFC 241 open workouts!

✅ Fan favourite Nate Diaz lit up on stage and proceeded to pass it to the fans in attendance ✅ See the full video here on MMAnytt

UFC 241 is just around the corner, and takes place this weekend in Anaheim, California. The event has a stacked card, featuring a UFC heavyweight title bout between Daniel Cormier and Stipe Miocic in the main event. Also featured is a fantastic welterweight match up pitting former UFC champ Anthony Pettis and fan favourite Nate Diaz against each other.


Diaz, never known for playing the the rules or conforming to standard procedure, makes his long awaited return at the event. When he entered the official UFC open workouts, he reminded us all of why his absence has been felt. On stage, in front of fans, media and UFC staff, Diaz lit up a rolled joint and proceeded to smoke for all to see.

Nate and his brother Nick Diaz are both well known for their use and appreciation of cannabis. They are also known for breaking the rules. This sparked the question of what Diaz was smoking, which he later revealed to reporters on site.

“Diaz said the joint was CBD, his own line from Game Up Nutrition,” MMA journalist Marc Raimondi wrote on Twitter. “CBD is legal in- and out-of-competition in the UFC’s anti-doping policy. Diaz said he’ll have to save the THC for after the fight since it’s prohibited in-competition.”

First fight in nearly two years

Diaz hasn’t fought since August 20th, 2016 when he went five hard-fought rounds in a rematch with rival Conor McGregor. Diaz would end up losing a majority decision in a close battle, and despite being linked to a later scrapped bout with Dustin Poirier, Diaz hasn’t fought since. Disputes with the UFC over payment and opponents seem to have been the issue, according to Diaz. Though what’s occurred behind closed doors remains uncertain. There is no doubt, however, that Diaz absence has been felt, and that fans are glad to have him back.

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