Joe Rogan: Conor McGregor Generates Too Much Money To Get Fired for Brooklyn Brawl

Joe Rogan says that Conor McGregor is untouchable even after his tirade at the Barclays Center a few weeks ago because he generates too much money to let him go.

Conor McGregor might want to change his nickname to the Eliot Ness because by all accounts he’s untouchable.

Despite going on a rampage through the Barclays Center a few weeks ago in Brooklyn that left two fighters injured and unable to compete at UFC 223, McGregor has yet to receive any kind of punishment from the promotion.

McGregor will have to face legal proceedings in New York where he was charged with three misdemeanors for assault and a felony for criminal mischief but by all accounts he won’t likely spend a day behind bars. Instead, McGregor’s biggest hindrance from that altercation might be in the lawsuits he could face from the people injured during the melee.

There’s still a chance the UFC offers up some sort of punishment for McGregor but no one is even suggesting that the organization consider cutting ties with him. According to UFC color commentator Joe Rogan that all comes down to one major factor — McGregor generates too much money to ever get cut over something like this.

“No one’s saying get rid of him. He’s worth so much money,” Rogan said on his latest podcast. “It’s really fascinating. What I was saying was imagine if Ray Borg and him switched sides. If Ray Borg showed up with all his boys and was screaming and yelling and threw a dolly at the window, it’s a done deal forever.

“Think about Paul Daley. Paul Daley must be at home going ‘motherf–ker! F–k Dana White!’.”

Daley was banned for life from the UFC after he sucker punched Josh Koscheck after their fight back in 2010 and despite apologizing for the incident, there’s never been any consideration from the promotion to bring him back.

Former lightweight competitor Jason High was also booted from the UFC after he shoved a referee following a knockout loss to Rafael dos Anjos.

The difference with McGregor is that he’s such a superstar who prints money any time he steps inside the Octagon that it’s nearly impossible to actually offer any kind of real punishment, especially when it comes to handing him a pink slip.

“Until you get to that stratosphere of Conor McGregor. There’s so much money to be made,” Rogan said about the former lightweight champion being untouchable. “That’s the problem. The rules get bent. All Paul Daley did was throw a punch at Josh Koscheck [after the fight]. It didn’t even connect. That could have been sorted out.”

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