Dana White’s Critique of Jake Paul vs. Mike Tyson Fight: “Completely Ridiculous”

“58-year-old shouldn’t fight a 27-year-old”

UFC President Dana White has never been one to mince words, and his latest comments on the upcoming fight between Jake Paul and Mike Tyson are no exception. White, known for his candid opinions, has made it clear that he finds the matchup to be far from ideal, citing the significant age difference and his concern for Tyson’s well-being.

White’s Long-Standing Disdain for Celebrity Boxing

Dana White has been vocal about his skepticism towards celebrity boxing matches, and his feelings about Jake Paul are no secret. Despite having a friendly relationship with Logan Paul, Jake’s brother, White has frequently criticized Jake for avoiding legitimate competition and instead choosing opponents past their prime or from different combat sports backgrounds.

Tyson’s Age a Major Concern

Mike Tyson, who will be 58 years old by the time he steps into the ring with the 27-year-old Jake Paul, has faced White’s concerns head-on. White expressed his unease on the podcast FLAGRANT, saying,

“When this fight happens, Tyson will be a 58-year-old man fighting a 27-year-old. It’s ridiculous regardless of the circumstances. Even if it’s Mike Tyson. It’s just ridiculous”

The Postponed Bout and Its Implications

Originally scheduled for July 20, the fight was postponed due to Tyson suffering from a flare-up of a stomach ulcer. Although no new date has been set, the match is expected to occur later this year, likely under the auspices of Netflix, which has ventured into live sports streaming.


White’s Frustration with Paul’s Fight Choices

White’s frustration also stems from Jake Paul’s fight record, noting that Paul’s only bout against a comparable opponent, Tommy Fury, ended in a unanimous decision loss for Paul. White highlighted this to emphasize that Paul tends to avoid real competition.

“When he fought someone his age, his size, and with a similar record, he lost. So, they’ll never do that again, right?” White remarked.

White’s Advice and Final Thoughts

In White’s view, Paul should stick to fighting retired athletes if he wants to maintain his undefeated streak and fan base.

“My biggest problem with this whole Jake Paul thing is when he fought someone who was an actual boxer, he lost. I love Mike Tyson, but he’s almost 60. No one wants to see Mike get beaten up by this guy,” White stated firmly.

While the fight’s spectacle may draw attention, White remains a staunch critic, preferring that it never takes place.

“I love Mike, and nobody wants to see him get hurt by this idiot,” he concluded.

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