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Henry Cejudo SLAMS Conor McGregor for “terrorist” bus attack

The UFC bantamweight champ goes off on McGregor: "Everything that you’re not, [Khabib] is."

Once again Henry Cejudo finds himself in the headlines, berating Conor McGregor for what he calls “terrorist” actions.

The UFC’s bantamweight champion is no stranger to odd trash talk. Since winning the title last year Henry Cejudo has let his rivals have it, and now he’s condemning Conor McGregor for “terrorist” actions. The shockingly strong phrasing was used in a recent interview, where Cejudo downplayed McGregor’s popularity.

“So I’m sitting here watching the UFC fights with my boy Justin Gaethje,” Cejudo said to TMZ Sports. “And I’m just dumbfounded a little bit because we’re talking about Conor McGregor. Yeah, the man that likes to sucker-punch the elderly. Yeah, the man that does terrorist attacks in our country, and he thinks he can get the next title fight with Khabib!”

The so-called “terrorist attacks” Cejudo is speaking of are the infamous bus attack at UFC 223, where McGregor and his cohorts attacked a bus containing his nemesis Khabib Nurmagomedov.


Cejudo was also referring to UFC president Dana White’s comments after McGregor’s UFC return earlier this year. After that the Irish superstar defeated Donald Cerrone, White said that McGregor would be in line for a title shot.

“But I know Khabib,” Cejudo said. “Khabib’s a man of honor and integrity. Everything that you’re not, he is. But I got somebody that you could fight to eventually fight for that title that you want. If not, you can stick to the “BMF.”

Despite White’s earlier words, it now seems that the UFC are in preliminary talks of booking McGregor against Justin Gaethje – Who is under the same management as Cejudo. Both Gaethje and Cejudo urged McGregor to sign the contract to face the former. This outspoken interview was likely the result of the team wanting McGregor vs Gaethje to materialise.

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