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UFC Champ Henry Cejudo accused of racist comments: “Please stop”

UFC bantamweight champ is in hot water after making jokes at Aljamain Sterling's expense that some have deemed as racist

While trolling and mocking other fighters has become part of the new moniker of Henry Cejudo, he may have crossed the line as his recent comments have been called racist. 

It’s no secret that Henry Cejudo has changed his personality over the past few years. He began his UFC career as a mild-mannered, hard working former Olympian wrestler who aimed at becoming UFC champion. Upon defeating Demetrious Johnson in their rematch and winning the flyweight title, he began adopting a different persona. He began taking jabs at his opponents, getting more and more outlandish and also choosing nick names for his opponents. One of those recent nick names may have been a step too far, however.

Triple C doesn’t even pay attention to Aljamima Sterling Silver @funkmastermma secondly, Triple C wants to fight you Petr, but your English needs to get Betr, you ugly communist potato,” Henru Cejudo wrote in the tweet accused of racist wording. “And last but not least, my tune-up fight, the cabbage patch head Jose Waldo.”

Cejudo has begun addressing top ranked bantamweight Aljamain Sterling

, who is African American, as “Aljamima”. This is a play on “Aunt Jemima”, a mascot for syrup that many have deemed as a racist and stereotypical depiction of African Americans. While the logo and mascot has been revised, it’s older origins and depictions are definitely controversial to say the least.

Other news:

One of those who spoke out about the way Cejudo conducted himself was MMA journalist Karyn Bryant, who took to social media.

“Champ, I respect your talent. And I have thick skin. BUT, if you were wondering if calling @funkmasterMMA ‘Aljamima’ was racist, the answer is yes. Yes it is. Please stop.”

As of now, Cejudo has not commented on the claims of racism. While definitely poorly worded, Cejudo doesn’t come off as malicious, but his word use continues to come under fire.

While taking jabs at Russian Petr Yan’s English and calling him an “ugly communist potatoe” may have been in poor taste, it hardly caused the same.

As of now Cejudo is still recovering from surgery, but all indications are that his next bout will be a title defence against former featherweight champ Jose Aldo. This has been criticised, as Also actually lost his debut at bantamweight via split decision. While the decision was close and somewhat controversial, Aldo still remains one of the biggest names at the lighter weight divisions.

Did Henry Cejudo use racist language in addressing Aljamain Sterling?

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