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Heavyweight next? Darren Till shows off HUGE weight gain during quarantine

The way things look at the moment and with his current weight gain, Darren Till will require an intense dieting regiment to return to middleweight. 

Much of the world is in quarantine following the Covid-19 pandemic. Much like the rest of us, many fighters are also confined to their homes, passing the time in ways different than what we’re used to. UFC middleweight Darren Till is also stuck inside, and judging by the weight gain he shows off, will need time to work off those extra kilograms.

In a recent post on social media, Till showed off a belly that we’ve never seen on him before.


“Current state of affairs,” Till wrote. “Multipack of Jaffa cakes, 2 bags of Haribo, Doritos W dip, 4 pack of chocolate eclairs & 2 Five Guys burgers.
Honestly… I can’t be assed seeing anymore of these workout at home videos, use are all boring the life out of me & ur workouts aren’t worth a wank.
This is probs what 99% of the U.K are doing anyways!!”

Before MMA was put on hold as a result of the Covid-19, Till was linked to a UFC main event. The preliminary plans were to book Till against former UFC middleweight champ Robert Whittaker at UFC Dublin. The event is still prematurely booked for August 15th, though as of now it’s hard to say weather or not events will unfold as they are planned.


Who do you have as winner: Darren Till or Robert Whittaker?

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