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Flat Earther Bryce Mitchell on Joe Rogan: “He sissied out”

✔ Undefeated UFC featherweight "Thug Nasty" believes that the Earth is flat! ✔ Wants to confront Joe Rogan on his podcast: "Me and my mom, and all my friends that believe it and stuff, he’s calling all of us stupid!"

UFC featherweight Bryce Mitchell wants to debate the flat Earth theory with Joe Rogan on the latter’s podcast.

“Thug Nasty” Mitchell believes that the Earth is flat, a theory that UFC commentator and star podcaster Rogan considers ridiculous. Mitchell sees Rogan’s opinion as not only an insult to himself, but also to his family. Which is why he recently challenged Rogan to a debate, but it doesn’t seem that the podcaster will be taking the bait.

“He sissied out, but that’s alright,” Mitchell told James Lynch. “The thing is, if I call somebody stupid and make fun of them for their beliefs I’m gonna explain to them exactly why. I could do that in a debate, but he wants to call people stupid then not debate them. That’s my problem.

“If he wants to call me stupid, at least debate me. Explain to me why I’m stupid and how I’m wrong, and I’ll explain to you as to why I believe you’re wrong. I’m not calling him stupid; I’m just saying I want to have a discussion because he’s gonna call me stupid. Me and my mom, and all my friends that believe it and stuff, he’s calling all of us stupid. So, I’m just telling him he oughta debate somebody like me and he’d lose.

“You just can’t be calling people stupid because you don’t agree with what they’re believing. Especially if you can’t beat ‘em in a debate. If you’ve debated ‘em and you felt like they’ve avoided logic then at some point you can think they’re stupid. But if he can’t beat me in a debate, don’t call me stupid.”

Mitchell will take on Ilia Topuria at UFC 282 in Las Vegas. With Rogan in the commentary booth, things could become awkward in the cage if “Thug Nasty” secures a win!


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