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Daniel Cormier responds to Jorge Masvidal: “All I’m saying is…”

"Deal with it, that’s how I would do it, that’s all I’m saying"

Former UFC double champ Daniel Cormier responded to comments Jorge Masvidal made about “white knight” commentators, as well as the latter’s other woes about payment. 

There is tension between the UFC and several fighters regarding fighter pay. This has affected both huge stars like Jon Jones and Conor McGregor as well as veterans no longer with the promotion. Jorge Masvidal has been notoriously vocal about how negotiations with the UFC have broken down, incredibly displeased with the UFC’s handling of a new potential deal. He also recently lashed out at fighters who commentate for the UFC, calling them white knights, though without mentioning any names.

“And for the white knights that have commentating jobs with the UFC that say ‘just fight’ you guys should be embarrassed to call yourselves current/former fighters,” Masvidal wrote. “Not one of you been doing it as long as me and like me. There’s a reason you are ‘commentating’”

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Now, heavyweight Daniel Cormier, who is a regular commentator at UFC events, has responded to Masvidal’s comments.

“The reality is this, I want Jorge Masvidal to get his money, I do want him to get his money. All I’m saying is there’s just better ways to go about it. That’s all I’ve said for weeks. Go talk about it directly, deal with it, that’s how I would do it, that’s all I’m saying,” Cormier said on DC & Helwani. “Look, don’t listen to me, I’m only the guy that’s gotten every single opportunity that I have really tried to get or asked for. I’ve gotten paid fairly, I’m just that guy.”

As of now Masvidal has not commented on Cormier’s suggestions.

What do you make of the advice Daniel Cormier had for Jorge Masvidal?

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