Dana White Roasted at Netflix’s Tom Brady Special

"Isn't that woke enough for you liberal clowns?"


During Netflix’s comedy event “The Roast of Tom Brady”, UFC President Dana White was among the celebrities who both dished out and received a series of barbs. Notably, White was accompanied by UFC stars Sean O’Malley and Max Holloway at this star-studded event.

The Roast:

The evening saw NFL legend Tom Brady being the primary target of jokes from comedians like Will Ferrell and Kevin Hart, but Dana White and other guests also found themselves in the comedic crosshairs. Notable comedian Jeff Ross did not hold back, comparing White to Michael Vick, known for his controversial legal issues. The event was filled with laughter and sharp wit as each participant took turns at the mic.

Highlights from Dana White:

Dana White, known for his no-holds-barred approach, gave as good as he got. When it was his turn, he aimed his humor at Tom Brady and even Netflix itself. White quipped about the streaming platform’s liberal audience, joking, “I’m called Dana, isn’t that woke enough for you liberal clowns?” He also teased Brady about his long tenure with the Patriots and his lack of running skills, playfully suggesting Brady might have fit better in San Francisco.

Jabs at White:

Comedian Andrew Schulz targeted White, poking fun at the controversial topic of UFC fighter pay, linking it cleverly to Brady’s publicized divorce, quipping, “So Dana is here to learn how to cheat a Brazilian out of half their wallet?” These moments highlighted the roast’s dual focus on humor and biting commentary.


Quotes Section:

Jeff Ross: “Hey Dana, look at that. Talk about having a legend in the room. Pull the cameras back, I want to show—he brought the whole crew from Queer Eye. Dana, who are these guys? Are they neutered, what’s going on here? It said ‘No pets’ on the sign, Dana.”

Andrew Schulz: “Ah, so that’s why Dana is here, so he can learn how to cheat a Brazilian out of half their wallet?”

Dana White: “It pisses me off, I flew all the way here and you give me 60 seconds. I’m Dana, isn’t that woke enough for you liberal clowns?”


“The Roast of Tom Brady” was not just a night of relentless jokes aimed at Brady but also an event where other big names like Dana White faced the heat. The camaraderie and sharp wit displayed made for an unforgettable evening filled with laughter and memorable burns, demonstrating that even top figures in sports and entertainment are not above a bit of comedic scrutiny.

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