Jake Paul on Mike Tyson’s Huge Mistake: “It’s War Now”

"It's war now," declares Jake Paul.

Promises a Knockout Against the Boxing Legend!

According to Jake Paul, the legendary Mike Tyson has made a critical mistake by changing their match from an exhibition to a professional bout. Jake Paul, also known as “The Problem Child,” argues that he can no longer hold back in the match and must finish Tyson when they clash this summer.

Unexpected Match Set for July 20

The match is scheduled for July 20, featuring an unexpected clash as YouTube star Jake Paul takes on one of boxing’s most feared and respected fighters. Tyson will be 58 years old when he steps back into the ring, which has led to harsh criticism from fans who prefer to see Jake Paul face boxers of his own age. The only time Paul has faced a boxer close to his age was in a match against Tommy Fury, which handed him his first and only career loss to date.


The Fight to be Broadcasted on Netflix

Jake Paul vs. Mike Tyson is set to be a highly publicized fight, not least because the spectacle will be broadcasted via Netflix. This means a massive potential audience for the stars. According to Paul, it wasn’t his decision to go for a professional match against Tyson, but now that the result will reflect on his professional record, Paul feels he has no choice but to knock out the legend.

Quotes Section

Jake Paul: “They will just say he is old and that you were disrespectful to him and all that shit,” began Jake Paul on his podcast. “But just to be clear: Mike Tyson was the one who wanted it to be a professional match. Mike started his training camp and called up people in my team and said, like, ‘Let’s have a professional match, is Jake in?'”

Jake Paul: “Netflix said, ‘Let’s make it a professional match, we are in,’ and I said to Nakisai (Bidarian), sure, if that’s what Mike wants. But make sure to tell Mike that I won’t be holding back. It is what it is and it’s war now. If Mike is okay with that, then I’m okay with it, but I want Mike to be the one making the decision.”

Jake Paul: “I’m going to step in there and now it’s a professional match, it will show on my record, and I am damn going to go in there and drop him. If people get upset about it, go watch football.”


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