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Report: Conor McGregor takes DNA test to prove he’s not father of illegitimate child

Allegations from a woman in Liverpool, claiming that Conor McGregor is secretly the father of her child, have now been addressed

While Conor McGregor has found himself in several controversial situations this year, one can safely say that he is not the father of a secret lovechild in Liverpool. Earlier this year a single mother from Liverpool began claiming that McGregor was secretly the father of her child. Now, McGregor has taken a DNA test to disprove these claims. The Irish Independent were the ones to obtain the information.

According to the findings posted by The Irish Independent, there is no chance that the claims are real.


“The test results, which have been seen by the Irish Independent, stated there was a ‘zero per cent probability’ he was the father of Clodagh Murray, who will be two in January…

Swabs were taken from the mouths of Mr McGregor and the young girl for the purpose of DNA comparison. The testing was organised through NorthGene Ltd, a recognised DNA testing service based in Newcastle, England. It forwarded the samples to Eurofins, a private laboratory company accredited in England and Wales to carry out parentage tests in family law matters. According to documentation seen by the Irish Independent, Mr McGregor did not show the biological markers which would have to be present if he was the father of Clodagh Murray. The results said it was “practically proven” Mr McGregor was not the little girl’s biological father.”

McGregor recently announced his return to the UFC, planned for Las Vegas, January 18th. While no opponent has been officially announced yet, fan favourite Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone is seen as the front runner.

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