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Conor McGregor claims to be greatest of all time – Here’s why

"...that makes me the clear current No.1 MMA GOAT"

Never one to be bashful, Conor McGregor now calls himself the GOAT. 

In the world of sports, there are a select few athletes that personify true greatness in that field. Michael Jordan is indisputably the greatest of all time in terms of basketball, for example. That term, often abbreviated as “the GOAT”, is often not used in vain, and MMA holds no one athlete that towers over others in the same way.

Certain fighters, however, will gladly boast to be the best, as trash talk and mental warfare go hand in hand with MMA. Conor McGregor is one of those truly confident fighters, who took to Twitter to proclaim himself as the MMA GOAT, and decided to argue his point.

Comparing himself to Anderson Silva, Georges St-Pierre and Jon Jones, three of the consensus best of all time, McGregor staked his claim as GOAT. He initially proclaimed Silva as the GOAT, citing the multiple finishes and title defences, as well as the former middleweight champions foray into the light heavyweight division.

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“GOAT THREAD. The array of finishes, across 2 divisions, with champion status in 1, Anderson Silva is No.1 MMA GOAT. My array of finishes, across 3 divisions, with champion status in 2, I’m No.2. If not tied 1,” McGregor wrote. “However still active, No.1 is fully secured by career end. And easily.”

“GSP is in at 3. Much less array of finishes but champion status in 2. He is far behind though. Reasons = Left 170 after much damage taken + questionable decision. Never re-engaged 170lb successors. Bottled Anderson fight. Only moved when one eyed fighter presented. Played safe.”

McGregor then cited Silva’s previous failed drug test in 2015 in his UFC 183 win over Nick Diaz. This, according to McGregor, cast enough reasonable doubt over Silva’s career accomplishments to secure the Irishman at the number one spot.

“Jon is 4. Maybe tied 3. More array of finishes than 3 and still active, but champion status in just 1. Reasons = Multiple lackluster decision performances + questionable decision win. Attempting to safe play HW entry/avoiding its champion.”

“I didn’t mentions PED results on multiple entrants, even though that makes me the clear current No.1 MMA GOAT, along with still being active. Although it shames, as well as puts all runs + finishes in complete doubt, I’ve snored multiple juice heads. A true GOAT must do it all.”

McGregor most recently returned after a one year hiatus from MMA, TKO’ing Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone in the first round at UFC 246. Since then there has been talk of bouts against Justin Gaethje and Nate Diaz, amongst others, but so far nothing has materialised.

Do you agree – Is Conor McGregor the greatest of all time?

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