Colby Covington Putting ‘Trailer Trash’ Mike Perry Behind Him For Good

Colby Covington explains his explosive message to Mike Perry on Twitter and responds to a coach at American Top Team offering to train him.

Colby Covington rarely pulls punches but he unleashed a message on Twitter this past weekend that earned him more blowback than usual.

Just minutes after Mike Perry lost a lopsided fight to Max Griffin at UFC on FOX 28 in Orlando, Covington unloaded with a message aimed at Perry and his girlfriend, who also happens to corner him during his fights.

Covington faced a ton of criticism for the timing of the message not to mention insulting Perry’s girlfriend. Still, Covington says he has no regrets whatsoever, especially considering the long line of trash talk Perry has launched in his direction not to mention the things he said in the past about his teammate Thiago Alves.

“If you’re going to spit fire, don’t get mad when you get burned,” Covington said on Wednesday. “He got beat up by a guy I knocked out so I think that kind of explains it. I owned his soul. He’s talking about me all week ‘oh Colby’s going to suck my d–k, he’s going to have to wash the blood off in front of his family, he’s going to be unrecognizable’ and all this stuff. He’s a trailer trash lowlife.

“Saying stuff about Thiago Alves, my friend and American Top Team teammate, saying stuff about his dog that died. You don’t cross those lines so if you want get down to that, you want to talk to that level then expect repercussions. That’s why I had to put him out to pasture.”

The same goes for Perry’s girlfriend, who Covington says isn’t off limits after he claims to have witnessed her behavior ahead of another fight against Alan Jouban in 2016.

“His girlfriend, she’s not innocent either. She’s at these fights with Perry talking s–t to fighters like ‘oh my boyfriend’s going to knock you out’. She was saying that to [Alan] Jouban, in the [hotel] lobby cursing him out, flipping him off, saying f–k you, just acting like trailer trash. Just like Mike Perry cause that’s what they are. Ocala, Florida, cousin f–king trailer trash,” Covington said.

“The guy always takes it to the extreme. I don’t get how all these people are coming to his defense and taking his side. This guy is prison trash. The ink on his face has probably rotted his brain. That’s why he’s so stupid. His face looked like hamburger meat after he fought Max Griffin. That’s embarrassing. The guy looked like a wreck after the fight.”

Following Perry’s loss, he did receive an interesting invite courtesy of American Top Team coach Din Thomas, who offered to help train him for a future bout in the UFC.

Now perhaps that invitation was handed out as a direct shot at Covington considering Thomas is also UFC welterweight champion Tyron Woodley’s coach and those two fighters have been at odds for months.

Covington says what Thomas forgot is how Perry treated American Top Team legend Thiago Alves when their fight fell apart last year and the bad blood that’s still simmering between the two of them.

“That just shows you how fake those motherf–kers are. “Pitbull” is the striking coach at ATT and they know he has beef with him. The guy fought Santiago [Ponzinibbio]. I’m not worried about Mike Perry, the guy’s a complete bum but the fact that Din [Thomas] would reach out to this guy when he knows another coach at the gym Thiago Alves has beef with him and he talked s–t on his family. He said stuff about his child. You don’t go to that levels. That guy’s a scumbag and he’s not welcome at American Top Team,” Covington said.

“Din’s pretty funny. He thinks he has control over American Top Team. No he doesn’t. The only reason he jumped on that thing is because he’s trying to put his name in there. Hopefully get some new fans, some Mike Perry followers. He’s as fake as they come. That’s why he hangs out with the fake champ Tyron Woodley.”

As of now, Covington is officially putting Perry behind him once and for all and doesn’t plan on giving him any more of his attention.

“I’m done talking about him,” Covington said about Perry. “That was all in response of what he said about me, talking s–t all week before the fight. He’s just a classless piece of trailer trash.”

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