Nick Diaz Says He Would ‘Walk Through’ Tyron Woodley, Welterweight Champ Fires Back

Despite not fighting for nearly four years, Nick Diaz says he would walk through current welterweight champion Tyron Woodley and it didn’t take long for Woodley to respond

Nick Diaz hasn’t fought in nearly four years but that didn’t stop the former title contender from proclaiming that he would be champion should he ever face Tyron Woodley in the UFC.

Diaz, who was rumored to return at UFC 235 in March, says that he still hasn’t accepted any fights and there’s still no definitive timeline for when he may compete again.

That said, Diaz still managed to take a shot at Woodley when speaking to ESPN about his potential comeback in 2019.

Just after winning the welterweight title, Woodley mentioned the possibility of facing Diaz but obviously the fight never came together. Now Diaz is firing back a couple of years later while teasing a potential return to the cage.

“I’ll walk through Woodley,” Diaz said. “He knows it. I didn’t need to say [in response to him]. That man has a life. I fight for one, like I always have.”

It didn’t take long for Woodley to hear what Diaz said about him and the welterweight champion fired back almost immediately.

Woodley, who just recently defended his title in September with a win over Darren Till, wasted no time taking a shot at Diaz in response on Twitter.

“I’ll f–k Nick up and the world knows it,” Woodley said. “He punch drunk and washed up.”

For a brief moment, Diaz was scheduled for a comeback against Jorge Masvidal at UFC 235 that could have certainly put him back in the picture when it comes to title contention.

Unfortunately, Diaz says that he never actually agreed to that fight and by all accounts, he’s not expected to return on March 2.

In other words, don’t hold your breath that Diaz will ever get a shot at Woodley or his welterweight title in the near future.

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