(Video) Swedish Fighter Suffers Injury Following Savage Slam At 2018 IMMAF European Championships

The opening round of the 2018 IMMAF European Championships saw a savage slam KO finish earlier today.

The 2018 IMMAF European Championships are taking place in Bucharest, Romania this week and the tournament has already produced one stomach turning moment.

Earlier this morning, Swedish fighter Jimmie Nilsson took on Finland’s Mici Saaristo in the opening round of the senior featherweight tournament.

The Swede started the contest out well, using his striking to good effect to put Saaristo on the back foot, but with just 22-seconds in the round disaster struck.

Nilsson (in the red) look to land his right hand, but as he threw, Saaristo (in the blue) changed levels and dove in a for a double leg.

The Fin then lifted Nilsson off the ground and slammed him down to the mat as Nilsson posted his right arm and took the full weight of the slam on his arm and shoulder.

Nilsson then tapped with his left arm bringing an end to the contest in an ugly fashion.

Thankfully medical staff were immediately on hand to tend to the Swede who was clearly in a great amount of distress.

Watch the moment unfold below:

IMMAF Euro 2018: Mici Saaristo finishes Jimmie Nilsson with vicious slam

@Mici Saaristo (FIN, Blue) defeats Jimmie Nilsson (SWE, Red) via slam in the IMMAF Euro 2018 preliminary round in Bucharest, Romania

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Stefan Romare is a reporter for MMAnytt and produces content in both English and Swedish.