Usman Reflects on Chimaev Fight: “Those Punches Didn’t Hurt”

"Those Punches Didn't Hurt" - Usman

Usman Breaks Silence on Chimaev Encounter

Former welterweight champion Kamaru Usman recently shared his thoughts on his fight against UFC sensation Khamzat Chimaev. Usman admitted that despite losing, he didn’t find Chimaev as formidable as anticipated. He attributed the loss more to his own lack of self-belief than Chimaev’s prowess.

Confidence Could Have Changed the Outcome

Currently on a three-fight losing streak, Usman contrasts with Chimaev’s undefeated record in the leading MMA organization. Usman suggested that a retur match against Chimaev, with improved self-confidence, could potentially yield a different result.

Usman’s Insights from the Octagon

In his “Pound 4 Pound” podcast, Usman discussed his mental preparation for the fight against Chimaev, revealing his realization during the match that his opponent’s strikes were not as damaging as expected. This insight came too late in the fight to alter the outcome, according to Usman.

Chimaev’s Response to Usman

Responding to Usman’s comments, Chimaev advised him to “talk less” and reminded him of his loss, criticizing those who take pride in their defeats.

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Usman on his perception of Chimaev: “It was nothing new for me, nothing special at all. Had I given myself a bit more credit, that match would have ended completely differently.”

Chimaev’s response to Usman: “Don’t talk so much ‘Musman’, you lost. These people are proud of their losses. WTF.”


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