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Ex UFC champ Max Holloway pleads for fans to take Corona virus seriously

"Hawaii doesn’t have that many hospital beds…"

In a heartfelt plea to MMA fans around the globe, former UFC featherweight king Max Holloway spoke out about the Corona virus.

Much like other sports, MMA has now been engulfed by the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, also called the Corona virus. With MMA events being cancelled it’s time we brace ourselves for strange, oncoming times. While several weeks without MMA is painful for any fan of the sport, long-lasting effects of this outbreak will be substantially worse.

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Many fighters are using their status and platform to reach out to fans, enticing altruism. One of those who recently did so was former featherweight champion Max Holloway. Consistently beloved by fans, Holloway proved why he’s so popular and considered one of the nicest people in the sport at the moment.

In a lengthy post on Instagram Holloway asked for fans to take the matter of the Corona virus seriously.

“I don’t think there’s a doc out there who would say COVID-19 is more dangerous than fighting for a living,” Holloway wrote. “I’m not afraid of it to be honest. It’s like the flu but 10x more deadly. So what? I put myself in more danger every day. So for anybody else who feels that way I agree

But I also learned it’s not about me. I can carry it. I can have no symptoms like Donovan Mitchell. Then I can give it to my grandma and maybe she doesn’t beat it. Then what? All my UFC title belts ain’t gonna make me tough enough to deal with that responsibility.?

Hawaii doesn’t have that many hospital beds… If just a few hundred elderly need to be in ICU for treatment then what? What happens then when Sista Moki gets in a car accident and the ICU is already full? I don’t know. Nobody does and we don’t want to find out.?”

“It’s about the people who won’t beat it”

Holloway then went on to emphasise the importance of solidarity. Even though many young people aren’t at risk for serious consequences, the elderly and immune-deficient are. He explained why it is important that we think about those who aren’t in optimal heaöth.

“This isn’t about most of us who could get it and beat it. It’s about the people who won’t beat it so we gotta make sure we do our part to protect them. Take the social distancing seriously. Pretend you already have it. Distance yourself to protect others AND yourself.?

I know when the govt says ‘prepare but don’t panic’ that basically screams panic. I get it. But none of us need 48 rolls of toilet paper… So if you know someone who may need supplies, we need to help them and share. But also remember we could already have it and not know, so be VERY careful??”

And if you see me in the store, smile, point to the ground if you one banga, but we don’t need to take photos. Most people who go to the store in normal times probably only interact with one or two strangers. When I go anywhere I have hundreds of interactions, a lot of people come up to me. I’m a magnet for viruses. It’s not good for your loved ones health for you to interact with me now.

I promise when this is all over my team will do meet and greets so everyone who wants a photo or autograph can get one, so don’t worry you will not be missing your chance.

This isn’t practice. This is a fight. You guys know me. I love to take fights into deep waters. This isn’t one we want to take into deep waters. The quicker we can slow the spread the quicker we get back to normal.”

Holloway continues to be a true gem in the sprot of MMA. His last bout was a decision loss to current featherweight champion Alexander Volkanovski. The two are expected to rematch some time later this year, after that the world has dealt with the covid-19 outbreak.


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