Tyson Fury heralded as hero after stopping man from committing suicide

As if Tyson Fury wasn't popular enough already, he now seems to have prevented a man from killing himself - See the video here on MMAnytt!

Ever the people’s champ, Tyson Fury is now even more beloved as he allegedly prevented a suicide. In a video posted on his Instagram story, he revealed details about a bizarre encounter with a man who approached him at his home. The man claimed he wanted to meet Fury before ending his own life, leading to Fury taking the man on a run, and seemingly stopping the tragic act.

“Tonight I’ve had a strange experience,” Fury explained. “I’m very humbled in one way but very freaked out in another. A random stranger came to my house tonight and told me he was about to commit suicide but that he needed to speak to me first before he did it. So obviously me being me talked him out of it and took him on a three mile run. He left as happy as Larry and it seems to have worked.

“To all those people out there suffering from mental health problems, please do not take your own life. It will get better, I promise you. There is help around the corner, please seek medical advice immediately and you will return to what you once were. It ain’t over, it wasn’t over then and it ain’t over now. Come on people don’t give up; keep fighting and never say die. Like I got up in round 12 against Wilder, keep getting up no matter how many times it puts you down, keep going forward because we never surrender.”


Fury is scheduled to ace Deontay Wilder in a rematch from their 2018 bout which ended in a controversial draw. Since then he has gone on to defeat Tom Schwartz via TKO and then faced Swedish underdog Otto Wallin most recently. Fury suffered a deep cut in the bout with Wallin, that was close to ending the fight.  Fury and Wilder will face off once more in February, 2020.

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