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The UFC officially has a fighter who tested positive for coronavirus

"My body just wasn’t there at all..."

While only a question of time, the recent news UFC welterweight Lyman Good shared was hardly encouraging. Good is now the first UFC fighter to test positive for Covid-19 (coronavirus).

Good was scheduled to face Belal Muhammad at UFC 249, but dropped out due to injury earlier this month. Now, it turns out, it wasn’t an injury that put a stop to the fight. While Good told the UFC he was injured, he had actually tested positive for Covid-19.

“I knew something was up,” Good told ESPN’s Ariel Helwani. “I know my body. I’ve been through it all. I’ve been through a lot of injuries and a lot of other things. But this was different. As a professional athlete, we’re always constantly pushing our bodies. For me, my body was like my point check to see how physically I feel and everything. And my body just wasn’t there at all,” Good said.

As of now no other UFC fighter has officially tested positive for coronavirus, though there are concerns that this statistic could change if the UFC holds an event. The UFC have targeted a show on May 9th, however.


Being in sound health, Good was concerned with spreading it to team mates, coaches, and then their families and loved ones. While one of his coaches has also tested positive, none of his other team mates or training partners did.

“My real concern was really just my teammates, my coaches and anyone I was exposed to. God forbid they get it, they spread it, and someone else gets sick really bad. I would feel responsible,” Good said.

Luckily, Good is able to manage battling the virus, though not everyone is so fortunate. Elderly and those with immune deficiencies are at risk for dangerous consequences, and Good acting altruistically, thinking of those around him, show truly great intentions. While he is most recently remembered for his dominant TKO win over Chance Rencounter at UFC 244, Good thinking of those around him in this current situation makes him just as much of a winner.

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