Sean O’Malley’s Harsh Retort to Marlon Vera’s Slippery Accusations

"I know things that could change opinions" - O'Malley

“I Know Things People Don’t”: O’Malley on Vera’s Allegations

The feud between UFC stars Sean O’Malley and Marlon Vera continues to heat up, showing no signs of cooling down. After their bantamweight title clash at UFC 299 on March 9, the aftermath has been anything but peaceful. Vera, having lost the fight via decision after being dominated for five rounds, made accusations that could change the narrative of the match.

O’Malley’s Dominance and Vera’s Accusations

Following the fight, Vera accused O’Malley of cheating by excessively oiling his hair, potentially impacting the fight’s outcome. These allegations did not sit well with O’Malley, who took to social media and his YouTube channel to respond vehemently, dismissing the accusations and attacking Vera’s character.

“Every time I grabbed Sean, it was like picking up a fish out of water. Maybe he didn’t try (to cheat), but he was extremely oily in his hair. And that’s why when I hurt him at the end of the round, when I grabbed his head… The knee and all my knees were really close (to his head). Maybe if (the hair) had been dry, I could have hurt him.” – Marlon Vera on The MMA Hour

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Inside the Mind Games

O’Malley claims to have gotten inside Vera’s head, suggesting he knew things that could damage Vera’s reputation but chose to stay silent. He denies the cheating allegations, stating Vera was never close enough to even smell his hair, let alone be affected by it.

“Everyone seems to love that guy, said Sean O’Malley on TimboSugarShow. That fucker is a fake fucking bitch. Chito sucks. Fuck him. I know things that people don’t know, that would make them change their opinion about him, but I’m not going to come here and post it. The thing with those private messages was real. I was in his fucking head. I was his brain. I thought for him. People say, ‘Oh, he’s a family man.’ Fuck that guy.” – Sean O’Malley on his YouTube channel

“I’ve Ruined His Career”: O’Malley Reflects

Admitting to playing psychological games, O’Malley believes he has not only defeated Vera in the octagon but also significantly impacted his career. Despite the rivalry, O’Malley hints at taking the high road but remains dismissive of Vera’s accusations.

What’s Next for Sean O’Malley?

Following his victory, O’Malley has expressed interest in facing featherweight champion Ilia Topuria, though fans and analysts suggest a bout with top-ranked Merab Dvalishvili. O’Malley is open to both challenges, acknowledging the threats they pose but relishing the competition.

“Then he comes out and says I’m oiling my hair. Brother, you didn’t even come close enough to smell my hair, let alone… What would it do if I oiled my hair?” – Sean O’Malley


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