World Boxing Champion Arrested, Stripped of Title!

"WBC to support Charlo in tough times"

Arrest and Charges

Jermall Charlo has been stripped of his world title following charges of DUI and fleeing from police. The incident unfolded on Monday evening in Texas, where Charlo was apprehended and faced multiple charges related to drunk driving. He is accused of operating a vehicle under the influence, leaving the scene of an accident, and evading police, as confirmed by police reports to ESPN.

Bail and Legal Details

The 33-year-old was released on a $9,500 bond, approximately 103,000 SEK. Records indicate that Charlo’s blood alcohol content was over 0.15, nearly twice the legal limit in Texas, which is below 0.08.

Incident Description

According to police reports, Charlo was driving his red Lamborghini around 7 PM when he collided with another vehicle. Following the crash, an altercation occurred, but Charlo chose to leave the scene instead of waiting for law enforcement. Police later located him, but he did not stop even as they pursued him with sirens activated.

Title Stripped and Replacement Champion

The day after the incident, it was confirmed that the WBC had decided to strip Charlo of his middleweight title, which he had not defended since June 2021. WBC President Mauricio Sulaiman expressed on social media that the organization would continue to support Charlo during this challenging period, focusing on his mental well-being.

Despite previous protests calling for Charlo to be stripped of his title, Sulaiman had maintained his support for the boxer until the recent developments. With the title now vacated, interim champion Carlos Adames has been promoted to full middleweight champion.


Quotes Section:

Mauricio Sulaiman, WBC President: “WBC has provided and will continue to do as much as possible to support Jermall Charlo during his difficult time concerning mental well-being.”


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