“Road House” Sequel Confirmed with Jake Gyllenhaal

"A hit sequel despite mixed reviews!"

Despite mixed reviews, the remake of the cult classic “Road House” seems to have been a major hit. Prime Video has recently announced that the film will have a sequel, “Road House 2,” with Jake Gyllenhaal returning to his role as Elwood Dalton. Whether UFC star Conor McGregor will reprise his role as Knox, the film’s antagonist, remains to be seen.

Director’s Discontent

Director Doug Liman expressed his dissatisfaction with Amazon’s decision not to release “Road House” in theaters, limiting viewership exclusively to Prime Video. It is currently unclear whether Liman will be willing to direct the sequel.


Commercial Success

Despite some criticism and being exclusively shown on Prime Video, “Road House” managed to draw significant revenue, breaking viewing records on the platform. Meanwhile, Conor McGregor is preparing for his return to the octagon at UFC 303, where he will face Michael Chandler. Nonetheless, he has expressed a keen interest in pursuing more film roles in the future, as his experience with “Road House” was particularly exhilarating.

Conor McGregor told People about his role in the film: “It wasn’t pretend fighting. I don’t think so. As a man whose profession is fighting, it was very, very real. Real punches were thrown. I landed one, he returned one, and then the stuntmen would sometimes step in to take some big hits too. I haven’t seen a movie where the punches are so real because it was for real. So I had a great time.”


Upcoming Match

Conor McGregor is gearing up for UFC 303 in the United States. Here, he will be facing Michael Chandler in a highly anticipated bout. This event is sure to attract significant attention, balancing his career between the octagon and the big screen.

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