Referee pauses the action to tell Conor McGregor to sit down during Artem Lobov’s fight

Conor McGregor got a little too rambunctious during his teammate's fight.

Conor McGregor is an intense fighter, but he’s just as passionate when it comes to his teammates and friends.

There was plenty of evidence to prove that on Saturday when the UFC lightweight champion was cage side to watch Artem Lobov do battle with Andre Fili in Poland.

McGregor and Lobov have been close for many years and the Russian born fighter actually turned down an opportunity of his own to help his teammate prepare for a boxing match against Floyd Mayweather back in August.

So it stands to reason why McGregor was pacing around the Octagon as he watched Lobov prepare to do battle.

“To the body! Tell him to go to the body!” McGregor shouted at Lobov and his coaches in the corner on the opposite side of the cage.

As the fight got underway, McGregor was very loud not only cheering for Lobov but actually shouting instructions to his teammate while stomping around outside the Octagon.

Finally in the second round after Fili landed a takedown, referee Marc Goddard paused the fight to admonish McGregor, who was out of his cage side seat and basically marching around the Octagon shouting instructions. Fighters are only allowed three corner men and Goddard asked McGregor to be “professional” and return to his seat.

McGregor didn’t complain but rather moved back around towards his seat while giving a nod to the referee inside the cage. Of course, McGregor never actually sat down again as he continued to shout, this time at least nearby to his seat.

Unfortunately, McGregor’s coaching didn’t help Lobov get the win as he ultimately fell by unanimous decision to Fili over three rounds.

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