New video shows BJ Penn being knocked out in street fight

A new video has emerged, showing more of BJ Penn's involvement in the infamous street fight - and the veteran getting knocked out

Yesterday a video was released, showing former UFC champion BJ Penn in full back mount, punching somebody in the head outside of a Hawaiian club. The video was the second street altercation in as many months. He also has a record-setting losing streak in the UFC with seven straight defeats. Now another video has emerged, where Penn gets knocked out, which is supposedly the precursor to yesterdays video.

In the video below, you can clearly see Penn being knocked out by a man he’s fighting with. According to reports from TMZ, this scuffle occurred before the video that was released yesterday. Apparently Penn sought some type of vengeance after being knocked out.


As of now, Penn is scheduled to face Nik Lentz at a yet undetermined venue and event. It gives Penn the chance to bounce back from a historically bad seven fight losing streak in the UFC.

“He terrorized me and he’s one of the originals,” UFC He promised me, we have a deal that this is his last fight. Win, lose or draw, this is it.”

Hopefully the bout with Lentz will motivate Penn to get back on track and focus more on fights inside the cae as opposed to outside them.

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