Former UFC champ BJ Penn allegedly in altercation with bouncer

✅ A video that recently surfaced appears to show the former two weight champion in an altercation in his home state ✅ Behaving in "very drunk" manner

These seem to be truly dark times for former UFC champion BJ Penn. According to TMZ, Penn was removed from the nightclub Club Femme Nu in the Hawaiian capital Honolulu. According to the manager it was due to Penn acting in a “very drunk” manner. Things escalated and Penn ended up getting in an altercation with one of the bouncers – of which a video has surfaced of.

Bystanders reportedly called the police, but Penn left the scene before authorities arrived. As of now Penn has not left any statement regarding the matter.

Catastrophic losing streak

These are hardly Penns only problems as of late. He is currently on a seven fight losing streak, a record setting feat. Last year he was submitted by BJJ ace Ryan Hall at UFC 232, he was most recently beaten by Clay Guida via decision in his last outing. He has not won a fight since 2010.

Aside from that his wife filed a restraining order on him for, amongst other things, sexual assault. Penn claims innocence from wrongdoing in that regard.

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