Nate Diaz Sides with Conor McGregor: A Unified Front Against UFC

"Rivals Unite Against UFC Adversity"

Unlikely Allies: Diaz Supports McGregor Amid UFC Struggles

Nate Diaz and Conor McGregor, once fierce rivals in the octagon, have shown signs of an unexpected camaraderie. Their battles inside the UFC ring have become legendary, marking a rivalry that has lasted for nearly a decade. Despite their history, Diaz recently took a surprising stance, supporting McGregor during a public spat with UFC.

The Heartfelt Message on St. Patrick’s Day

On the occasion of St. Patrick’s Day, Nate Diaz chose to extend an olive branch to Conor McGregor. Through a message on X, Diaz responded to McGregor’s growing frustrations with UFC, indicating a shared sentiment of being wronged by the organization. Diaz’s message emphasized solidarity, suggesting a bond formed through shared struggles.

Diaz Recognizes McGregor’s Plight

Echoing McGregor’s complaints about being sidelined by UFC, Nate Diaz shared his own grievances. Having been in a similar position before McGregor’s rise to fame, Diaz lamented the contractual obligations that seem to bind fighters in a way that feels almost inescapable, urging McGregor to persevere and find a way through the adversity.

Diaz’s Journey Beyond UFC

Nate Diaz’s narrative took a turn when he finally exited UFC, culminating in a victory over Tony Ferguson at UFC 279 after an initial mismatch with Khamzat Chimaev. Post-UFC, Diaz has ventured into boxing, with notable matches including a debut against Jake Paul and an upcoming fight against Jorge Masvidal.

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McGregor’s Road Ahead

Conor McGregor, on the other hand, has been less active in the fighting arena, with his last match dating back to July 2021. Despite this, McGregor has revealed that he still has two fights left under his UFC contract, sparking curiosity about his future in the sport.

Nate Diaz: “This was me for years, before Conor even got here (to UFC). They want you to die before you get out of these contracts. It’s up to you to make something happen. No one will help you but yourself. Save Conor, it’s St. Patrick’s Day for fuck’s sake.”

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