Nate Diaz Claims UFC Offered Him a Title Shot ‘In Any Weight Class’ But He’s Not Interested

Nate Diaz hints at a future in boxing after declining all the recent UFC offers

Nate Diaz isn’t interested in a UFC title.

That’s the latest from the popular lightweight contender after he dropped a message on Twitter late Friday night where he claimed that the UFC offered him a shot at a belt in any division but he declined.

“UFC offered me title fight in any weight class. I’m cool though. I’ll give [them] a shot when they do something good.

“Onto the next sport for now.”

At the end of “the next sport”, Diaz put a pair of gloves noting that it appears he’s interested in pursuing a boxing match rather than a fight in the UFC.

Diaz hasn’t fought since August 2016 when he lost a razor close majority decision to Conor McGregor at UFC 202, which came five months after he choked out the 29-year old Irishman in their first fight.

Since that time, Diaz has been offered numerous fights including championship bouts against both Tony Ferguson and Tyron Woodley but he’s declined with no interest in those fights without a much higher financial compensation package.

It appears Diaz is at a crossroads with the UFC regarding his future as he hints at a possible boxing match instead. Diaz has cross trained in boxing for several years, working out regularly with recently retired undefeated champion Andre Ward.

It remains to be seen if Diaz will actually try to pursue a boxing match or if this is a negotiating tactic to get the UFC back to the table, hopefully with more money this time around.

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