Mike Tyson Faces Medical Emergency Ahead of Jake Paul Fight

“Tyson stabilized after onboard medical emergency”

Tyson Needed Medical Assistance Mid-Flight

In a dramatic turn of events, boxing legend Mike Tyson experienced a medical emergency while on a flight from Miami to Los Angeles. The incident occurred as Tyson, who will soon turn 58, was en route to promote his upcoming bout against 27-year-old YouTube sensation Jake Paul. The flight crew issued a call for medical assistance over the intercom, which was displayed on all screens, and paramedics were swiftly brought onboard once the plane landed.

“Mike had some kind of medical emergency onboard and paramedics came on,” an eyewitness told In Touch. The person added, “Before the paramedics arrived, the flight crew made an announcement asking for a doctor. The message even appeared on all the screens.”

Tyson’s Condition and Upcoming Fight

A representative for Tyson later confirmed to the New York Post that the boxer had suffered from severe nausea due to a flare-up of a stomach ulcer. Despite the scare, his condition has since stabilized. However, this incident fuels the ongoing debate about Tyson’s readiness to compete against a much younger opponent, especially considering the health risks associated with his age.

Mike Tyson is scheduled to face Jake Paul on July 20, 2024, at the AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas. This match marks Tyson’s first professional bout since 2005 and his first fight since his 2020 exhibition against Roy Jones Jr. Unlike his previous exhibition match, this encounter with Paul will be a sanctioned professional fight, comprising eight two-minute rounds with 14-ounce gloves   


Concerns and Preparations

Many in the boxing community, including former heavyweight champion Deontay Wilder, have expressed concerns about Tyson’s health and the risks involved in returning to the ring at his age. Tyson himself, however, remains confident and has been training rigorously for the match. During a press event in Texas, Tyson and Paul exchanged heated words, with Tyson dismissing concerns about his age and Paul asserting his speed and strategy as his key advantages .

Both fighters have taken to social media to confirm the fight, with Tyson stating, “I wasn’t joking when I said this would be a real fight. See you in July @jakepaul,” and Paul affirming, “Mike Tyson wanted it to be a pro fight. Netflix wanted it to be a pro fight. So I agreed to make it a pro fight. Winner takes all”

The fight, which will be broadcast live on Netflix, is expected to be a landmark event, not only because of the names involved but also due to the significant age gap between the two fighters. The main card will also feature a highly anticipated rematch between Katie Taylor and Amanda Serrano, adding further excitement to the event  .


Tyson’s recent health scare is a stark reminder of the physical toll that boxing can take, especially on older fighters. As fans and critics alike watch closely, the upcoming fight promises to be a significant moment in modern boxing history, blending the allure of a seasoned legend with the fresh energy of a rising star.

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