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Mike Perry goes hard in actor feud, uses racial slur – Gets blasted by MMA community

"You don’t get a pass from everyone just because a few people let you say it."

In a new turn of events in the feud between UFC fighter Mike Perry and Hollywood actor Michael Jai White, the former has resorted to using the N-word.

Perry and White began feuding earlier this week. It all began with a video that White released on his YouTube channel, showing behind the scenes material from the 2009 film Blood and Bone. The film featured several MMA personalities such as Gina Carano, and the late Kevin “Kimbo Slice” Ferguson. Perry felt that White was disrespectful towards Ferguson, and even went so far as to challenge White to a backyard brawl.

Now, Perry has taken it a step further, and the MMA community did not take kindly to it. In a follow-up tweet, Perry called White the N-word.

This, obviously, did not sit well with many in the MMA community. Both MMA fighters Gerald Harris and Angela Hill were quick to call Perry out for the word he used.

Even Perry’s own fans were shocked at Perry resorting to the racial slur.

Other news:

While White has trained in several different martial arts since age seven, he hasn’t actually competed. He is still, however, seen by many as one of the best martial artists in Hollywood. Perry had a fantastic entry to the UFC, winning four out of his five first fights. Lately, though, things have taken a different turn. As of now he’s lost three out of his last four, and five out of his last seven. Admittedly he has faced tough competition, but he is in dire need of a win.

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