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UFC’s Mike Perry challenges Hollywood actor to real fight – Gets response!

UFC welterweight Mike Perry took issue with the actor: "He should fight me backyard bare knuckle"

Never one to shy away from conflict, Mike Perry is at it again, this time challenging Hollywood actor Michael Jai White to a backyard, bare knuckle brawl!

The feud stems from a video that White released on his official YouTube channel. In the clip, White gave insight into the making of the 2009 action film Blood and Bone. The film, which features MMA fighters such as Bob Sapp and Gina Carano, has now deceased MMA and street fighter Kevin “Kimbo Slice” Ferguson in an early role. White explains that Ferguson sometimes became frustrated with the filming process and didn’t always take kindly to constructive criticism.

This did not sit well with Perry. The fan favourite and UFC veteran took issue with the way that White spoke about Ferguson. Perry even went so far as to challenge the actor to a bare knuckle fight.

“I just feel like #KimboSlice would beat the fuck outta @MichaelJaiWhite and his tone in the video really bothered me. He should fight me backyard bare knuckle because I would like to learn this ‘prison movie technique’ he was talking about.”

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This garnered a response from White, who was not fazed in the least.

“Maybe if MP learned my ‘Prison Movie Technique’ he wouldn’t be ranked #20? I got no time for playground callouts Brother but holla when you come thru and maybe I’ll have time to give you a personal demo. Just DM me Bro. It really ain’t that hard!”

Unlike many Hollywood actors, White has been a marital artist since a young age. White began training martial arts at age seven, from karate to Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. He has kept active since then and has used those techniques in many of the films he’s appeared in. Aside from Hollywood successes such as The Dark Knight, he has also showed his martial arts prowess in releases such as Tyson, Mortal Kombat: Rebirth and the above mentioned Blood and Bone.

Meanwhile, Perry is coming off of two straight losses, and has lost five out of his last seven. He was most recently KO’d by Geoff Neal at UFC 245, before that he suffered a gruesome nose break and split decision loss to Vicente Luque.

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