Michael Bisping Calls Chris Weidman’s Title Shot Claim ‘Laughable’

Michael Bisping thinks Chris Weidman's claim that he deserves the next UFC middleweight title shot is laughable.

Michael Bisping and Chris Weidman don’t often see eye to eye and unsurprisingly they aren’t in total agreement about who should get the next shot at the UFC middleweight title.

Yoel Romero’s defeat of Luke Rockhold this past weekend led to Weidman publicly calling for the next title shot, but speaking this week on his ‘Believe You Me’ podcast, Bisping laughed off Weidman’s claim.

“You know what’s funny? Chris Weidman, he’s saying that he should get a title shot,” Bisping said. “I think that’s kind of laughable Chris.

“I don’t want to get into a whole beef with Chris Weidman, but you did get knocked out in three of your last four fights. I don’t think that makes you eligible for a title shot.”

Bisping then gave his thoughts on the potential of a Yoel Romero vs Robert Whittaker rematch and said that he’s expecting it to be a different fight second time round. Despite their rivalry, Bisping thinks Romero will fair better against the Australian second time round.

“I don’t think he has any case to get a title shot. I think the correct fight and Dana has announced Yoel Romero vs Robert Whittaker,” Bisping said. “I think that’s going to be a different fight. That fight was only 6 months ago, something like that.

“They’re both the same fighters, but in that fight, I think Yoel Romero thought that Australians can’t wrestle to save their lives, of course Romero is a two time Olympic wrestler and one of the best wrestlers in the UFC, he thought he was just going to take him down and have his way with him on the ground, just like the way he had his way with Rockhold against the fence, he thought he was going to take him down and have his way with him on the floor. But obviously, Whittaker’s takedown defence was fantastic and Romero got tired. Trying to take people down to the floor is the most exhausting aspect of mixed martial arts. The wrestling is more exhausting than anything else.”

When pushed to say who he thought would win the rematch, Bisping clearly felt torn between the two.

“I think actually think Romero will beat Whittaker in the rematch,” Bisping continued. “I don’t think he’s going to try and wrestle him as much and he won’t gas. We will see. I think Whittaker put on a helluva fight as well. In fact, I retract that statement, I think Whittaker wins. Who knows? Who cares?”

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