VIDEO: Layla Machado Garry Hits Back: The Truth Behind UFC Stars’ Rumors

"Layla's bold stand against UFC mockery"

Social Media Feud Takes New Turn

Undefeated Ian Machado Garry, one of UFC’s promising talents, finds himself in a peculiar situation as his wife, Layla Machado Garry, becomes the target of mockery by his colleagues.

Layla Fights Back Against UFC Stars

The rivalry involving “The Future” Garry, mainly with Colby Covington and Sean Strickland, has escalated. They’ve used his personal life to ridicule the Irish fighter, spreading rumors that Layla has now publicly addressed.

Covington’s Continuous Taunts

This week, Colby Covington released another provocative video, further mocking Ian Machado Garry and disrespectfully mentioning his wife, challenging Garry to a match with demeaning conditions.

Layla’s Response to the Controversy

After enduring ongoing ridicule, Layla released a video titled “The Three Biggest Lies You’ve Been Told About Ian Machado Garry,” debunking rumors and criticizing the perpetuation of false information and hatred towards UFC’s rising star.

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Layla’s Clarification on Social Media

In her video, Layla tackled three major falsehoods circulating among fans and fighters, aiming to set the record straight and defend her husband’s reputation against baseless accusations.

“Bad journalism, evil people, and lazy consumption are the perfect recipe for misinformation to explode, leading to an unwarranted amount of hate landing on the shoulders of UFC’s brightest talent,” said Layla Machado Garry.



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