Francis Ngannou Spotlighted: Manager’s Jab After Odd Excuses

"Hearn: 'I don't think he has woken up yet'"

Hearn Mocks Ngannou’s Odd Excuses After Defeat

In the high-stakes world of combat sports, Eddie Hearn, the astute manager of Anthony Joshua, did not hold back his thoughts on Francis Ngannou’s recent allegations. Ngannou, the former UFC heavyweight champion, found his second venture into boxing less triumphant than his debut against Tyson Fury, facing a stark defeat by Joshua in the second round.

Ngannou Alleges Conspiracy for His Loss

Despite his commendable gesture of congratulating Joshua right after his defeat, Ngannou stirred the pot in the following weeks with excuses that caught the fanbase’s attention. Claiming to have been unusually sleepy during the match, he suggested a possible conspiracy by the organizers to prevent a boxing titan from falling to an MMA fighter.

Timing Dispute Raises Eyebrows

“The Predator” revealed his pre-match ordeal on The MMA Hour, discussing the scheduling discrepancies and early arrival to the arena which he believes were tactics to tire him out. Such claims have only fueled the ongoing discussion about the intersection of boxing and MMA cultures.

Hearn Finds Claims Absurd

Hearn’s response to Ngannou’s reasoning was curt and clear, questioning whether Ngannou has fully grasped the situation yet. This response from Hearn has sparked further dialogue about the integrity and fairness in combat sports.

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Ngannou’s Future Plans Remain Unchanged

Despite the setback, Ngannou’s ambition within the boxing realm remains undeterred. Initially planning a return to MMA and potentially competing in the PFL cage against Renan Ferreira, Ngannou now feels a renewed commitment to boxing, driven by a sense of unfinished business.

“We both fought at three in the morning,” said Francis Ngannou on The MMA Hour. “What I think happened is that they took me to the arena very early. They picked me up at 10:30 PM to take me to the arena and then when we arrived, they told us we were going to fight at 1:45 AM, right? They came to the dressing room around 1:00 AM and Joshua (had just arrived). I thought, ‘Okay, we fight at the same time, why was I (picked up) so early?'”


“We got our schedule via email and for some reason, I was there at least an hour earlier. But for the fight, at least two hours before. They do these kinds of tricks to make you tired. I was calm, I thought, ‘It’s okay.’ I didn’t know how important it was that I had to be there two hours earlier until it was fight day.”

“I don’t think he has woken up yet,” wrote Eddie Hearn on X (formerly Twitter).


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