Jon Jones rips Israel Adesanya: “Will make you my absolute b*tch”

Israel Adesanya probably wasn't expecting the verbal onslaught he would receive when commenting on Jon Jones' latest fight...

Israel Adesanya is just a few days away from the biggest fight of his career. At UFC 243 he will face Robert Whittaker in a main event that will unify the middleweight titles. Still though, Adesanya is taking shots from a different fighter, in a different weight class; light heavyweight champ Jon Jones.

Adesanya recently made comments about Jones not looking the same in his title defence against Thiago Santos. While Jones won, it was hardly in as dominant a fashion as we’re used to. Some even had the bout scored for Santos, in what was one of Jones most competitive fights to date. It seems Jones did not take kindly to Adesanya’s comments, who also opened up for a potential future bout with the light heavyweight king.


Jones took to Twitter to openly slam Adesanya.

“@stylebender Keep convincing yourself that one day you’ll be ready to face a boss like me,” Jones wrote. “I’ll keep convincing myself that when that day comes, I will make you my absolute bitch.”

It didn’t stop there either. Jones went on to draw comparisons between himself and Adesanya throughout their careers, and then threatened to “expose” the undefeated contender.

“I can see you’re starting to sip your own Kool-Aid, I know how it feels, I’ve been there before,” Jones added. “Only I was around 23. Just don’t become delusional kid, fuck with a beast like me and I will expose you.”

There are definitely comparisons to me made with Jones and Adesanya. Both enjoyed a fast, undefeated rise through the ranks, using a unique and creative fighting style to get there. If Adesanya becomes undisputed champion and continues to impress at middleweight, a super fight may not be too far off.

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