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Jon Jones mocks Nate Diaz – Gets vicious response

"This is just starting to get ridiculous"

In a bizarre turn of events, UFC light heavyweight champ Jon Jones got a harsh clap back from fan favourite Nate Diaz. 

Few things can ruffle feathers quite like a fighter ranking. Last week, Conor McGregor made public posts on social media, listing himself at a disputable second or first place in a greatest of all time ranking.

Current light heavyweight champion Jon Jones was relegated to fourth place. Jones has recently been upset regarding current pound-for-pound rankings, and he was not alone in his reaction to McGregor’s list. Fan favourite Nate Diaz, long-time rival to McGregor, staked his claim as the GOAT, implying that his second round finish of McGregor solidifies his place at the top.

“Smoked the #1 p4p and double champ know the real GOAT when you see him. And don’t forget I did it better and quicker than anyone else on the ground and sent him down with punches quicker than Mayweather did so f*ck all y’all rankings and know a real goat when you see me!”

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This comment did not sit well with Jones, who took to social media to call Diaz’ claim “ridiculous”.

Now this guys the goat? This is just starting to get ridiculous,” Jones wrote.

This garnered a response from Diaz, who took shots at Jones and his multiple PED violations and positive test results for banned substances.

“No ones gonna remember your fights,” Diaz replied.

Jones then fired back at Diaz, though later deleted the Tweet.

“Oh the dumb things we say when we’re stoned, stop Nate,” Jones wrote on Twitter before deleting the post.

This bickering between fighters in completely different weight classes just goes to show McGregor’s ability to get under peoples skin. Whether directly aimed at the fighters he discussed or not, McGregor’s opinions certainly have resonated with and affected his fellow UFC fighters.

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