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Drake takes loss in hip hop beef – Compares himself to Nate Diaz

Do hip hop superstar Drake and MMA superstar Nate Diaz share similarities? See why the rapper compared himself to Stockton's finest

The hip hop genre has garnered it’s fair share of famous feuds over the years, the most infamous being that between Tupac and The Notorious B.I.G. Current rap superstar Drake is certainly no stranger to feuds with other artists. His most recent feud was with rapper Pusha-T, who released the diss track “The Story of Adidon”, aimed at Drake.

Pusha-T addressed and doubled down on the rumours that Drake had fathered a child French porn star Sophie Brussaux, something Drake would later go on to admit. Pusha-T also took aim at Drake for his insecurities regarding his race and called him a “deadbeat”. Drake would go on to withdraw from the verbal fighting, and accepted the loss as is very first.


Now, in a recently released, two hour interview with Rap Radar, Drake addressed the loss and compared himself to Nate Diaz in the process.

“This is a sport at the end of the day, and you know from a very early point, I’ve never shied away from defending myself,” Drake said. “And I’m also sometimes eager to engage if I feel that you want to be slick or be offensive behind the scenes. I might choose to address it in music.

“And, you know, that was how I ended myself up in the Pusha [T] situation, which, you know… some of my favourite fighters in the world, take a guy like Nate Diaz,” Drake added. “You look at his record. It might not look like the craziest record, but you know, he’s still one of my favourite fighters, he’s still a dog.

“That’s just the sport of fighting. Somebody’s gonna catch you at some point unless you’re Floyd [Mayweather] pretty much. But for the rest of us, you’re gonna get rocked one time by something you didn’t expect. So that’s just kinda how I chalk that situation up.”

Do you think the comparison between Drake and Diaz is warranted?

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