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Jon Jones SLAMS UFC Boss Dana White for pay claims: “Absolute bullshit”

"It’s interesting to just sit here and watch your boss lie to the camera like this."

UFC champion Jon Jones lashed out at UFC president Dana White over the boss’ claims about fight pay. 

It certainly seems that we wont be seeing light heavyweight champ Jon Jones face Francis Ngannou at heavyweight any time soon. The two were basically setting themselves up for a fight, and most of the MMA community was on board, looking forward to the potential fight. However the fight negotiations went south quickly, and no progress was made.

Jones claimed that he was shut down during these negotiations, citing “bad business”. However UFC president Dana White told ESPN that Jones had asked for an “absurd” amount of money.

“For the amount of money he was asking for, it’s not going to happen. He couldn’t be asking for a more absurd amount of money at a worse time.”

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These comments did not sit well with Jones, though. He claims that he was ready to let the issue go, but that the comments made by White forced him to speak out. Flat out claiming that White was lying, Jones wrote on social media that he never even asked for an increase in pay.

“It’s interesting to just sit here and watch your boss lie to the camera like this,” Jones wrote in a response to the Twitter post. “We never discussed any increase in pay. Immediately the conversation was that I already made enough. I never made a number offer.”

“I was over the situation, but I’m not gonna sit back and allow Dana to lie to the fans. I never asked for an absurd amount of money. That’s bullshit”

“Absolute bullshit,” Jones concluded.

So far White hasn’t responded to Jones’ claims, the only thing that’s certain is that these two certainly don’t agree when it comes to their takes on the negotiations.

Who do you think is telling the truth: Jon Jones or Dana White?

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