John Kavanagh Says ‘Something Is Forming’ Regarding A McGregor vs Mayweather MMA Fight

John Kavannagh says that there is 'something forming' in regards to Conor McGregor fighting Floyd Mayweather.

Purist fans won’t want to admit it, but the possibility of Conor McGregor fighting Floyd Mayweather in MMA continues to grow.

The latest man to speak about the matter is McGregor’s head coach John Kavanagh. Kavanagh tweeted before Christmas that he “will do the Riverdance naked the day Mayweather fights in the UFC,” but speaking to TheMacLife earlier this week, even he seems to be coming to the realization that the fight is getting closer to becoming an ever increasing reality.

“I’m kind of reminded of early last year when I was asked about the boxing fight,” Kavanagh said. “And I was doubtful as anybody, and I actually went as far as to stupidly tweet that I’ll do the Irish river dance naked if Floyd steps in the Octagon. Now, I’m going to be honest, I’m practicing Irish dancing, and I’m getting nervous about that.

“In all seriousness, it’s a crazy world we live in. The fight that could never happen, happened. And now this is a fight that can never happen, and it seems to be getting. I don’t know, there seems to be something forming there. I would absolutely love it.”

Should the fight actually materialize, Kavanagh made it clear that he would be pushing McGregor to take the fight to the mat as soon as possible.

“Now, let’s be realistic here. If the fight was to happen, I would nearly be saying to Conor and pushing Conor to say, ‘Let’s book that two or three weeks before a real one’,” Kavanagh said. “Because we can go in and — I’d almost insist that in that fight Conor shoots a double leg early — because I’d be almost annoyed if he went in there and put him away quickly with MMA striking. We need to see jiu-jitsu in that fight. He needs to be in the mount slapping [him] about a little bit. So it would be, I think, such a straight, easy fight that we could train realistically for it and then do a competitive MMA fight on the backend of it.

“So I think it’s one of those ones we could squeeze in getting ready for a fight. I know that probably comes across a certain way, but I can only say what I’m thinking, I can only say what I feel … if that was to happen, it’s not the type of fight that Conor’s gonna have to do a real specific 12 weeks for, and then take three or four months off afterwards, and completely get ready for another one.”

Such is Kavanagh’s confidence that an MMA fight against Mayweather would be easy, the SBG Head Coach added that he could even seen McGregor fighting Mayweather and then fight against a real mixed martial artist the same evening.

“You could kind of do that one and fit it in on the night of his real fight.”

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Stefan Romare is a reporter for MMAnytt and produces content in both English and Swedish.