Daniel Cormier Fires Back at Alexander Gustafsson After He Called Out Luke Rockhold

Daniel Cormier just won the battle of social media with Alexander Gustafsson after his latest comment

Daniel Cormier may have just earned his second victory over Alexander Gustafsson.

On Wednesday, the UFC light heavyweight champion took aim at Gustafsson after he called for a fight against Luke Rockhold, who is just days removed from his knockout loss to Yoel Romero at UFC 221.

Gustafsson has been frustrated that he’ll be forced to wait for another shot at the title while Cormier moves up to heavyweight to face Stipe Miocic at UFC 226. In his absence, Gustafsson called for a fight with Rockhold, who is Cormier’s long time friend and teammate, while promising to give him a very rude welcome to the light heavyweight division.

Cormier decided to answer back with a message of his own for Gustafsson.

“Nice timing Alexander,” Cormier wrote on Twitter. “Kick him while he’s down, huh? I got a better idea though. He doesn’t fight you next. He fights Robert Whitaker, I mean sometimes that happens right. You lose your way into a title shot!”

Cormier is referencing his own title fight with Gustafsson from 2015 where he faced the Swedish light heavyweight contender just nine months after he suffered a brutal knockout loss of his own to Anthony “Rumble” Johnson.

Cormier has never shied away from responding to Gustafsson and clearly he’s happy to do it again right now when Rockhold is being called out for a fight just days after suffering a devastating setback in his career.

As for Gustafsson, there’s still no word on when he’ll be back in action after having shoulder surgery just recently but it’s not likely his rivalry with Cormier is going to go away any time soon.

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