Former boxing hcamp Gavin Rees

Internet troll challenges retired boxer – Instantly regrets it!

"Took less than 30seconds to shut him up"

Even a retired boxing champ still packs a punch, something one internet troll learned the hard way. 

Wales’ Gavin “The Rock” Rees, 39 years old, is a former British and European lightweight boxing champion. He has shared the ring with the likes of Adrien Broner and Anthony Crolla over the years, and holds a record of 38-4-1. He last competed in 2014, defeating Gary Bruckland via split decision.

Despite not being particularly active withing boxing over the last few years, he ended up inside the ring recently. Rees was being constantly trolled and baited online by an individual going by the moniker “Danny Slug”, goading him into a sparring match. The former boxing champ obliged the internet troll, who most likely learned his lesson. With a few swift body shots Rees had his opponent grounded.


“Only sparred once in the last 4 years… Been constantly abused on Facebook by some rude… Took less than 30seconds to shut him up,” Rees wrote on Twitter. Danny Slug think before u open tha trap again… This old man ain’t out yet.”

Did this former boxing champ give the internet troll what he deserved?

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