Georges St-Pierre: The UFC Shouldn’t Have Let Michael Bisping fight Kelvin Gastelum

Georges St-Pierre doesn't think the UFC should've allowed Michael Bisping to fight Kelvin Gastelum

Michael Bisping can’t be Georges St-Pierre’s favourite person, but even the Canadian didn’t agree with the UFC’s decision to let the Brit fight Kelvin Gastelum just three weeks after he defeated him at UFC 217.

St-Pierre spoke to TSN earlier this evening and was asked about whether it was the right thing to do letting Bisping take the fight. The UFC middleweight champion didn’t hold back giving his opinion.

“Medically, that was not a good thing to do, medically,” St-Pierre said. “That was not the fight thing to do. However, if he would’ve succeeded, you know, he took a big risk and I can respect that because he took a big risk. If he would’ve succeeded, he would’ve been like a hero. People would’ve been saying ‘oh my god, he just lost the title and then he came back wit no preparation, boom, wins the fight.’

“I think he tried to do something that was very, very risky and at the same time, if he’d achieved it, it would’ve been a very big reward for him. So I can respect that. I ca respect the idea that he had, the goal that he had doing it. However, I believe for the UFC it wasn’t right for them to let him fight after getting concussed in a fight for a world title and getting choked out. I don’t think it was medically a good thing for the UFC.”

Full interview below:

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