Georges St-Pierre Shuts Down Superfight Speculations: No Fighting Post-40

"I promise, I won't fight in the cage after turning 40" - St-Pierre

LAS VEGAS – Former UFC champion Georges St-Pierre has made it clear that he will not be part of any future superfights in the UFC, despite rumors of UFC President Dana White’s plans for 2024. St-Pierre, who retired in 2017 but has maintained impressive physical fitness, swiftly dismissed speculation about his return to the octagon.

At the UFC Fight Pass Invitational event, St-Pierre told MMA Junkie and other reporters that he has firmly decided not to compete in professional MMA after turning 40. However, he didn’t rule out participating in other combat sports events, emphasizing that his MMA legacy wouldn’t be affected by future competitions.

Initially scheduled to compete in a grappling match against Nick Diaz at the event at the UFC Apex in Las Vegas, an injury forced St-Pierre to withdraw. He served as a commentator instead.

Despite stepping away from MMA fights, St-Pierre remains interested in grappling, provided his shoulder injury fully heals. He revealed that he had partially torn his labrum, subscapularis, and rotator cuff, but is now on the mend.

St-Pierre, a long-time dominant UFC welterweight champion, hasn’t competed in combat sports since returning from a four-year hiatus to win the middleweight title from Michael Bisping in November 2017 at UFC 217.

The article concludes with a question to the reader: “How do you think Georges St-Pierre’s legacy in MMA will be affected by his decision not to compete after the age of 40?”

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