Francis Ngannou Says It’s ‘Bulls***’ Stipe Miocic Is Complaining About The UFC Not Promoting Him

Francis Ngannou doesn't appear to agree with Stipe Miocic's assesment that they aren't promoting him enough.

We’re just days away from UFC 220 and the tension between the main event fighters Francis Ngannou and Stipe Miocic is building.

Speaking today just four days ahead of the fight, Ngannou seemed to be in a confident bullish mood ahead of his first UFC title fight.

“I’m feeling wonderful,” Ngannou told TMZ Sports. “We’re just right around the corner from the gold.”

Ngannou has said multiple times he’s confident of knocking Miocic out on Saturday night and he went on to double down on his prediction .

“It’s true,” Ngannou said laughing. “Yes, yes, not me. I’m not going there expecting to get knocked out. I’m going there to give the knockout and go back home.”

One of the narratives played out over the last few weeks is that the UFC are favouring Ngannou over Miocic in the promotional build up. Ngannou was asked for his thoughts on this and he didn’t hold back with his feelings when giving his response.

“That’s bulls***, the UFC not gonna fight for him, UFC are not going to step inside the Octagon and fight me,” Ngannou said. “Fight day we are going to be one-on-one in the Octagon and we will see the truth. That’s the only thing. I don’t care who they promote or not, but I care about training and how good I feel. I care about how is my gameplan because that’s what’s going to help me in the Octagon. UFC will not help you in the Octagon.”

“That’s his problem, I’m going to think about why he thinks this and why he thinks that. I don’t give a s***.”

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